Friday, May 17, 2013

1 week 7 days

And so, here I am. Sipping mocktails, cleaning the bits of sauce from the duck confit I just had.

Life is good. But no, I don't pamper myself like this everyday. Today is Friday, I passed my 2nd paper yesterday. Well, just excuses for a good meal to treat my exhausting brain and deprivation of the thoughts of treating myself with something good. And the duck confit is just 10.90! *clappedfoot*

It's been a week. A week ago I am on the bus, contemplating what awaits while listening to the auntie beside me talking about her job which decipher name and fortune-tell from there. I told her my name was Elizabeth.

I stay with a very cute auntie. Everynight I came home to see her watching tv with all the lights off. It's amazing that I didn't shout when I first saw her with my little heart.

God has been with me every single day, every single moment, watching over me. I almost got hit by my own bus when I just reached. Just a split second, I could have became the headline for 'Small boob job hunter dead under the spell of Singapore-will-never-want-you'.

I made friends, out of random conversation. 'You passed the exam?' 'Which exam are you sitting for?' and all sorts. And I guess I still stay the same, same old curly hair when I just reached, same old determination, same old strength, same old resistance to break down when dad texted me 'like father like daughter, I know you could do better, keep on'.

And everynight, I pray. I pray for the safety and protection for my family and friends back in malaysia. I pray that as God is watching over me here, he will bless everyone, bless my own country. And I pray to God to keep an eye on me, to never let me stray too far from the person he made me, to keep my compassion for people, to have the heart to love everyone just as how God loved me.

I was on a bus with a friend the other day, after sitting down and standing up to let elderly have their seats twice, he said 'Just forget it, I'm half Singaporean'. No, that doesn't change. Compassion, grace and humanity stays wherever one is, regardless of what nationality.

Staying strong,

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